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As a leading provider of LED products in mainland China, we can offer a vast selection of lighting solutions. Our energy saving lamp, low-voltage halogen lamp, and other amazing deals are all available at highly competitive prices! SUIMING Photoelectric-a whole new shade of wonderful.
Whether you are looking for elegant ambience or powerful illumination, we have got just the right solution! As a leading LED light manufacturer in China, SUIMING Photoelectric is fully dedicated to the design and production ...More

    1. LED Candle Light
    2. LED Candle Light The LED candle light is usually used in places such as shopping mall, office building, hotel, exhibition hall, conference room, hospital, show window and living room, etc. It can be installed to the high-grade crystal lamps, thus it is especially suitable for lighting and decorating purpose in large and luxurious rooms.
    1. C001 LED Down Light
    2. C001 LED Down Light This product is usually used in exhibition room, museum, art gallery, office, dining room and household, etc. The C001 LED down light is also widely used in places where light is an important factor such as shopping mall, bar exhibition cabinet, auto show, exhibition cabinet for jewelry and high-end clothing, professional display window or glass front billboard and counter, etc.
    1. <span class='list6'>LED Track Light</span>
    2. LED Track LightLED track light is designed mainly for product exhibition and commercial lighting. It adopts new type LED light source and adjustable track design. It can be installed in the track or in the ceiling or wall. It can fulfill the requirement of highlighting certain object by exposing it in bright light as well as the basic lighting function. It is your best choice for effect lighting application.
    1. <span class='list7'>LED Panel Light</span>
    2. LED Panel LightLED panel light can be used for commercial and private purposes. It is widely used in places such as hotel, conference room, factory and office, residence or public facilities, school, hospital and places where lighting equipment with features of energy-saving and high color rendering index is needed. It has completely overturned the luminous characteristics of the traditional light source. With the features of slimness, area light emission, energy saving, environmental protection and healthiness, it is a supreme choice for office, house and advertisement, etc.
    1. 220V LED Strip Light
    2. 220V LED Strip LightThe 220V LED strip light used soft PCB substrate board which is bendable and able to be fixed to uneven place.
      It has rich colors. It can be made red, yellow, blue, green, white or RGB color mode according to customer requirement.
      Three chips form a loop circuit. It requires low current and consumes little power.
    1. Single Color RGB LED Flood Light
    2. Single Color RGB LED Flood LightThe aluminum base circuit board is closely connected with the lamp house. It adopts physical cooling of cross ventilation to make sure the LED doesn't accumulate heat and to decrease the lumen depreciation, thus the life span of the whole product can be extended.
      The circuit board goes through epoxy resin potting processing so that it has good water proof performance and fits various types of severe environment. The waterproofing level is IP65.
    1. <span class='list13'>LED High Bay Light</span>
    2. LED High Bay LightThe LED high bay light adopts ultra brightness LED white light as the light source and uses aluminum alloy as the housing material which is optional for customers. The heat dissipation system uses copper sheet as the heat conductor and aluminum alloy as heat radiator. Natural air-ventilation makes the thermal dissipation perfect. The shape modeling of the product can be changed according to the requirement of our client. The power of this product is only 20% that of sodium lamp, a 100W LED high bay light produces the same effect as 250W sodium light.
    1. <span class='list14'>LED Tunnel Light</span>
    2. LED Tunnel Light Light emitting diode itself has the feature of unidirectional light which makes sure that no light diffusion is generated so that the luminous efficiency is guaranteed.
      Unique secondary optics is applied on this product. The special design enables the light beam to shine on where light is needed and further improve the lighting efficiency. Energy saving is thus achieved.
    1. LED Street Lamp
    2. LED Street LampThe LED street light uses high-power LED as light source.
      We made a breakthrough in the heat dissipation system and greatly improved the heat dispersion of this product. The waterproof, optical and the power system, the lighting protection system and the recycling energy system are all under elaborate design to ensure the best performance.
      Its energy efficiency is 60% higher than the high-pressure sodium lamp and 80% higher than the incandescent light. It is also environmental friendly.
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